What will you do with your sweet imperfect life?

In these busy times, many of us have pushed aside time to rest, recover, and simply enjoy life.

Creative practice and meditation are two ways of being in the world where we can gain a deeper connection to Self.

Creativity is bound to our instinct to make meaning. To combine things in new ways. To come up with something different. It’s about giving your imagination permission to explore, without judgement or expecting an outcome. A way to express one’s inner world in the outer world.

It has been show to improve memory, expand our ways of thinking and problem solving, and encourage flexibility in our approach to life, both personally and professionally.

Meditation is an instinct that gives the brainbody an opportunity to rest, restore, repair, and rehearse in our daily life. To come to a place of relaxed awareness. To become attuned to life’s rhythms. To open our curiosity.

The form of meditation I practice is called Instinctive Meditation™, and might not be the kind to which you are accustomed. It’s freedom to explore. It’s not about quieting the mind, certain postures, or memorizing mantras. It can be an intentional mind-wandering. Learning how to break one’s patterns from outcome-based thinking. The enjoyment of Being.

These two practices can work in partnership. There may have been times you’ve been listening to music, walking in nature, painting, cooking, writing, where everything has fallen away and you are fully present- in flow. That’s meditation!

And one can use meditation as a doorway into creating. Allowing the mind to relax and let those ideas come shining through!

I offer one on one meditation coaching and group meditation experiences. I can incorporate a sound experience (sound bath) with the meditation if you like.

I also offer support in your exploration of creativity, and can combine this with meditation coaching.

I can hardly wait to start exploring with you.

For more information, you can email me at craftingthespirit1@gmail.com