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Ready, Set Go!

You can listen to a podcast version of this post here:–Set–Go-e1bbe2u

I’ve been making things since I can remember… and for nearly as long, seen a connection between making and healing.. or at least of getting better acquainted with one’s Self.

Nearly a year ago, I attended an expressive arts therapy conference, and I came out of it with seeds of a course of self discovery using the creative process.  So many ideas!  So many directions to go!  I bounced around until I exhausted myself into inaction.

And life happened, as it always does.

Still.. .. the call has been whispering for attention.  Until this past week when it began tugging at my sleeve.

And I thought and bounced some more….

This afternoon, I spontaneously got up and started making… grabbing the first materials that came to mind, and the pieces began coming together.. much like the object I am making.

I need to fine tune the process a bit this week between bouts of the survival gig, but there will be a course for you all to take very soon!