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Devotion to Your True Heart’s Calling

In that delicious place between wakefulness and sleep came to me: to follow the call of your soul, serve in devotion to your craft. Make it a priority every day to do something that calls your heart. We all can find a few minutes at least to write, to doodle, to garden, to enact positive social change,to make music. Whatever it is that keeps whispering for your attention. To write our goals and aspirations and the action steps we will take in the coming week to actualize our True Heart. The only true obstacle is our self limiting beliefs in what we are able to accomplish with what we already have.

Even when you’re not feeling it. And especially when you’re feeling stuck. Sit and write a description of what’s around you. Doodle without thought or plan. Sing or play scales or chords for a few minutes.

Set a timer for ten minutes. If you feel inspired to continue beyond that, do!

I invite you to share below what action step you will do today. How will you show devotion to your craft?

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