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Make the Most of Constraints

I was waiting at the bus stop, looked up and saw this banner “Make the most of constraints”.

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “work with what you have”.. but how often have we seen constraints as a challenge to reach deep into our creativity, instead of limitations?

Perceived lack can often be an excuse to not create. Not enough time. Not enough money. I don’t have the right equipment/materials.

What can you do with what you have? What lying around might become a musical intstrument you hadn’t considered? How can you shift your mindset of limitations to be a creative challenge or inspiration instead of a block? What poem or drawing will flow from you in the 15 minutes you have if you allow it? What sculpture could you create from that stack of paper bags and ball of string?

I invite you to shift your vision. Make the most of your constraints, and see what wonders you can unleash into the world.

Feel free to share your discoveries, and how it felt in the comment section below.

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