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What if…….

Some of you already know my fondness for using what if as a point of exploration, rather than a source of anxiety.

This week’s topic and exercise is around “what if”.

Think about what-if as a treasure map, or a puzzle.

One thing I like to do, when feeling challenged, it to commit to 15 minutes for a practice. If that feels like too much, go for five, but not less than that. Set a timer if you like.

Get out your journal, paper, or tablet (although I feel the brain works a bit differently when writing with a pen/pencil/crayon than typing). At the the top write
“What if I could…….” and then write! Maybe you already have a topic in mind. If not, go back to one of the early exercises about writing through creative block.

Dream big! Bring all your spicy wildness to the page!

Or small. Strive to set your mind free, beyond your comfort zone even.

What if I could travel for a year without inpacting my finances?

What if I committed to an hour a day to my chosen creative activity?

What if I could work up to touching my toes without bending my knees?

After you’ve written for five minutes, or fifteen, or until you feel you’ve exhausted the topic, sit back and settle into your body.

What would this what-if reality feel like? Sound like? Look like? How woud this ripple out into your every day creative practice? To your life?

What could you do right now to make this happen?

What do you need?

Write more if you like, or express this new world through your creativity… sing, dance, draw, bake, photograph.

I would love to hear what you come up with in your new what-if universe!

Adventure, Creativity, goal setting, mindfulness, Personal Development, Personal growth


“You never know what you will discover, once you decide to do something, rather than dream about it.”

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of adventure? Months of planning? Death defying feats? Taking a sabbatical from life? Do you then sigh and then tuck it way on a bucket list somewhere? Yeah. Me too.

And then there’s the someday list, usually beginning with “I’ve always wanted to “ or “someday I will”. On my list, these are smaller, more obtainable. And still, they get set aside.


What if…..

You shift your perspective a little?

I remember doing some home improvement projects before selling a house years ago, and they were much more enjoyable, and not nearly as troublesome as my procrastination let me to believe.

The other day, I decided to go somewhere I hadn’t yet.. on my someday list, and chose to take a back roads way. On twisty mountain roads. Past random bee yards. “Eggs for Sale” signs. Where cars coming the other way slowed down to see who I was because they didn’t recognize my car. 

I took a hike on one of the mountains, and turned back when it started feeling too “snakey”. There was no phone reception, and I didn’t have a walking/whacking stick. As it turned out I was right about the snakes, according to a local.

All within 15 miles of home, and one of the largest cities in the nation! I came home feeling I’d had a mini-adventure, and also had done something on my someday list.

A few years back, I felt lonely on a holiday, and went on a hike in a park near me. I wondered how I’d managed to live here over ten years and not done the hike? It changed my life, and now I go out searching for parks near me to go hiking on a regular basis.

What is on your someday list? What are you willing to do on that list this week? Today? Even the smallest of adventures can be life-changing. You never know what you will discover once you decide to do something, rather than dream about it. Now get out there and make it happen. Let me know how it went!