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First Thing

coffee-shadowI was chatting with a friend earlier today who was lamenting the fact that they wanted some consistency and organization in their life, but didn’t seem to be able to find their way there.  Mostly because of their erratic schedule.

And I suggested the concept of First Thing.  Before starting the day.. before grabbing tech.  Do a First Thing activity.  Meditate.  Write. Doodle. Do yoga.  Go for a walk.  Pick a thing and do it before starting the day.  Set a timer if you have to.  Set your alarm to get up a little earlier if you have a busy day, but choose something to do first thing before starting your day.

There’s something magical, I think about using your brain in that place between sleep and wakefulness.  I might be groggy, but often ideas come more readily when I write or do something creative first thing.  And there’s something lovely about going for a morning walk.. although for me that happens after coffee!

I want to reactivate my yoga practice.  I was doing so well until about a year ago I pushed too far and injured myself, and never got back into it.  I’ve been taking time to mediate first thing all this past week.  Either more formally, or at the very least, taking time before I get out of bed to check in with myself.

What will you choose to be your First Thing?

2 thoughts on “First Thing”

  1. My first thing is sitting with a cup of coffee and listening to beautiful music, Like Classical Relaxation or something encouraging and or inspirational. Being a musician music is as important to me as that first cup of coffee. And creating music is such a wonderful thing. It completes me. It fulfills me.


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