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Self Care and the Power of No

We’re now entering the last two weeks of the year.. and decade, depending on your take on it!

Have any of you explored “what if”, written your I am passionate about life mantra, or taken a minimum viable action? How did it go? If you didn’t, and still thought about it.. how did *that* feel? I would love to hear in the comments below!

It can get pretty crazy this time of year, so it’s especially important to include self care in your days. This can be anything from remembering to check in with your breath when you start feeling stressed out, to setting your timer for 15 minutes to write, draw, play music, dance, to getting out in nature, to maybe treating yourself to an experience you might not otherwise. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive.

And remember the power of No. We hear a lot about the power of Yes. It’s also good to keep in mind that saying no, especially if we are conditioned to say yes, can also open doors. Take a moment to think if something serves your highest self. You don’t have to catch every ball thrown your way! If it’s something big, spend more time and write a pros and cons list & see if things become more clear.

Until next time!

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